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Why neura?

We are only now realising that fuelling the mind is more important than fuelling the body...

Neura exists for those seeking a more meaningful connected approach to their health & wellness. 

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The brain is not only the most influential organ in the human body...

It is also considered to be one of the most complex objects in existence. Responsible for our every thought, action, memory, feeling; it completely shapes our experience and interactions with the world.

Neura and the Natural Cognitive Fuels collection exist to support, nourish, and optimise the brain - a 360-degree approach, connecting mind & body..

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Unmatched Quality

Our products are natural, and have been the subject of extensive, independent research. They are clinically dosed, always. This means our products produce real & tangible benefits; this will never change. When used consistently the Natural Cognitive Fuels collection works to optimise both long- and short-term cognitive function & brain health.

Ingredients For The Mind

Our products combine ingredients called nootropics and adaptogens – natural brain-boosters that work to enhance mental performance, cognitive function, reduce stress and support brain health.


For all things brain health, brain focused nutrition and discounts across the Natural Cognitive Fuels collection.