Zone+ Nootropic Energy Drink
Zone+ Stick Packs - Nootropic Energy Drink
Neura Cognition Zone+ Nootropic Energy Drink
Zone+ Nootropic Energy Ingredients List
Zone+ Nootropic Energy Drink
Zone+ Stick Packs - Nootropic Energy Drink
Neura Cognition Zone+ Nootropic Energy Drink
Zone+ Nootropic Energy Ingredients List
Zone+ Nootropic Energy Drink
Zone+ Stick Packs - Nootropic Energy Drink
Neura Cognition Zone+ Nootropic Energy Drink
Zone+ Nootropic Energy Ingredients List
Zone+ Nootropic Energy Drink
Zone+ Stick Packs - Nootropic Energy Drink
Neura Cognition Zone+ Nootropic Energy Drink
Zone+ Nootropic Energy Ingredients List


Nootropic Brain Fuel | Powering Physical Performance

Zone+ provides natural nootropic energy, directly fuelling the brain, increasing energy levels & alertness, while reducing the feelings of tiredness and fatigue.

Zone+ is a natural, nootropic energy drink allowing the mind & body to be pushed further.

Containing zero sugar, naturally flavoured, coloured and sweetened, Zone+ is an evolution in energy supplements; created to provide sustained, calm natural energy...the flow state.

A premium, nootropic blend of botanical extracts, naturally occurring amino acids and plant polyphenols combine to provide clean, bright, plant powered performance.

Physical Performance is Mental

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Premium Botanicals

The botanicals in Zone+ are found growing naturally in tropical climates in areas of heavy rainfall. They are high in antioxidant plant polyphenols and are naturally stimulating.

Organic Guayusa Leaf (1000mg)

The Guayusa tree is native to the Amazon rainforest, the leaves are consumed as tea by the Amazon's indigenous tribes for their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and mood improving properties, alongside their ability to provide sustained natural energy.

Increasing interest and research into Guayusa has seen it designated as a "Super Leaf" due to its awakening & stimulating ability. 

Green Tea Extract (500mg) - 40% L Theanine

Green tea leaves grow in the mountainous regions of East Asia. They are high in compounds known as flavonoids which act as powerful antioxidants throughout the brain & body.

Green Tea is naturally stimulating and contains high levels of the amino acid L-theanine, which promotes a calm, clear, alert feeling.

Neura Cognition Zone+ Nootropic Energy Drink

B Vitamin Complex 

1 serving of Zone+ contains:

250% of the recommended daily intake for Vitamin B3.

83% of the recommended daily intake for Vitamin B5.

285% of the recommended daily intake for Vitamin B6.

400% of the recommended daily intake for Vitamin B12.

Explore Our Ingredients.

Sustained Energy

Zone+ fuels physical performance, by increasing the feeling of alertness and reducing the perception of fatigue and tiredness in the brain

Clear Focus

Zone+ is a unique balance of antioxidant plant polyphenols, stimulating botanicals and naturally occurring amino acids.

Physical performance is mental...

The brain regulates how hard and far to push the body, however intense physical exercise creates fatigue within the brain.

Mental fatigue results in reduced energy levels and decreases motivation, which significantly impact the quality of physical performance.

Zone+ is plant powered energy drink, working naturally and sustainably to reduce mental fatigue, allowing you to push harder and go further.

Brain fuel for active lifestyles

Zone+ is designed for the active lifestyle. No plastic scoops, no mess, Zone+ is ready in seconds.

A natural and sustainable route to refined performance.

powered by nature.

Taking you further.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
A marked difference.

Usually when I get a product like this, I'm always put off by either terrible taste or texture. Usually both. But this one is nice. Very pleasant to taste. Smooth to drink.

I felt energised, a massive improvement and definitely a positive one.

So for that, I'm going to recommend this. Nice taste. Nice feelings.

The effects are noticeable.

Definitely gives a boost

So I occasionally get other powdered energy brands and use when required.

It does what it sets out to do, and doesn't have any gamer aesthetic or in your face imaging. More of a refined look to those looking for a boost.

I can absolutely confirm this gives a boost, it's similar to powdered energy drinks you can get. Instant hit (at least for me) but no burnout or crashing and more of a calm focus. Very energising.

I can definitely recommend though! Especially if a clean boost is what you're after.

Sam B
Noticeable boost in energy and alerntess

I play semi pro rugby and there are literally hundreds of pre workout options available, they normally make me feel sick and actually lose focus. However, now the focus is shifting more towards the brain in terms of getting a competative edge on the pitch, so I was really interested to look into this product.

Initially, it looks like lipton ice tea/nestea, good refreshing taste, easy to mix in a shaker/water bottle.

By 30 mins in you get a really switched on feeling, your not bouncing off the walls, but it's a nice calm energy, sort of clear minded.

I used zone for the first time before a training session and I definitely feel energised.

A good alternative to all the chemically/ artificial energy products clogging up the market currently.

P.s try it with a pint glass and crushed ice, hits the spot.

Steven Blake
High energy without the 'jitter's

Unlike other nootropics (energy pills, etc), this product gives makes you feel full of energy without the awful twitching or jitter sensation, and tastes great also.

C. Parry
Zone is very different

The main difference I see is that the effects build gradually, rather than a sudden jolt of energy, you get a steady build of energy that last for about 6 hours and then gently fades.

It's a much more pleasant experience than the sudden ups and downs that normally accompany these sorts of products.

Its entirely plant based and a little more expensive than a lot of the products that claim to do similar things. However I'm happy to pay a bit extra for this. I use before the gym and my occasional triathlons. To sum up, its a lasting, clear focus, quite a unique feeling.

Calm and energised

This product, in short, works well to aid focus and energy function. It's easy to make, you mix one stick in a large glass of water and stir, and the resulting product has a peach taste that is pleasant but not overpowering.

I find it helpful when i'm exercising intensley or need an energy boost on long walks etc.

Good for a pre workout boost

Nice tasting Peach Ice Tea type drink that offers a boost of energy. Easy to mix, giving a smooth drink with no grittiness.

Decent nootropics

Can't complain with this one. They're a little pricey but when I need strong pick me up, I've been pleasantly surprised. You have a repeat buyer.

Very happy to have found this, is this an upgrade to the old zone?

I'm very happy with this.

It mixes well with cold water and the peach flavour is subtle and nice.

I like the mix of vitamins and botanicals and the fact that it doesn't just rely on caffeine like a lot of similar products. I also appreciate the fact that it is clearly marked as being suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

At around £1.50/serving it's maybe not the cheapest but I don't mind paying this price for a quality product like this.

Marci S.
Love this!

I love the flavour (peach iced tea) and the boost this gives me.

It is like a coffee boost only better because it contains many other natural plant based ingredients as well as vitamins to reduce tiredness and fatigue. It makes me feel energised and revived and fresh. And somehow happy. It might be the B vitamins combined with the plant extracts. So I think of this as a happy energy drink.

The energy is sustained for quite a long time in me.

I used it before my run and it worked great, I mixed it also with less water and it tasted really good regardless.

Ingredients list is great nothing there I would want to avoid.

It is definitely on the pricier side but I will be back for this one. It is great to keep this natural boost in a cupboard for those tiring sad days when i need to exercise but dont have the energy.

powered by nature,
taking you further.

Made in the UK

Every product in the Natural Cognitive Fuels collection is produced in the UK, adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP IS 22716/2007).

Our manufacturing facility is both ISO 9001 & ISO 22000 accredited.


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